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October 18, 2014

American Legion

Mayhew - Vincent White Cane Post 266

Monthly Membership Meeting

Meeting Minutes - October 18, 2014
by: Steven Bowcut, Post Adjutant

Meeting Start Time: 10:00 AM

Conducting: Commander C.P. Dou' Glass


Roll Call

Commander                              C.P. Dou' Glass                         Present

1st Vice-Commander                Paul Sylvestri                             Present

2nd Vice-Commander               Marianne Choate                       Present

3rd Vice-Commander                Robin Hoyle                              Present

Adjutant                                    Steven Bowcut                          Present

Finance Officer/Editor                Charles Ostheimer                     Present

Judge Advocate                         Elmer Raber                              Present

Service Officer/Chaplain            John Hammonds                        Present

Asst. Chaplain                           Kimberly Tuggle                        Present

Historian                                    Sarah Norton                            Present

Memorabilia                              Walter Parks                             Present

Sergeant-At-Arms                     Max Pollock                              Present

Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms      Jacquie Janes                             Present


Officers Reports:

3rd Vice-Commander, Robin Hoyle: Troop Court of Honor next Thursday, Halloween event the following Thursday (10/30/2014). Tentative November 22nd Troop is celebrating 50 years. Several soon-to-be Eagle Scouts.

2nd Vice-Commander, Marianne Choate: Howard Miles was in a severe car accident. Discussion regarding date of next meeting relative to Thanksgiving. October 23rd is PIER Center BBQ, please attend in uniform.

1st Vice-Commander, Paul Sylvestri: No news.

Memorabilia Officer - Walter Parks: Looking for volunteers to staff the yard sale on Saturday and Sunday, November 1st and 2nd 8AM to 3PM on Saturday and 8AM to 2PM on Sunday to be held next door. Please bring donations on Friday (10/31/14) after 6:00 PM.

Adjutant, Steven Bowcut: No Report.

Chaplain - John Hammonds: Discussion about Al Lee's medical condition and his move to Texas. Gary Garcia has passed away.

Finance - Charles Ostheimer: Gave finance report. National is behind in posting paid dues. If receiving past due notice but have paid be patient. If not sure whether paid or not, see Charles.


Old Business

Walter Parks: Acknowledged sandwiches for PIER Center provided by Steve and Marie Bowcut and their church for the last two weeks.

John Hammonds: New Service Center opening in Santa Ana.

New Business

Lengthy discussion regarding the allocation of funds donated by the post to the PIER Center. Discussion evolved into a discussion of options available to ensure control of how donations are spent. i.e. gift cards.

Motion by Elmer Raber: Reduce our monthly donation from $250 to $200 and provide that money in the form gift cards. Seconded by Justin. Passed.

Clarification from Commander: All other donations are on hold until new building financing are settled.

Charles Ostheimer: Would like to see the reconstitution of a finance committee to include Charles and two other from the board as well as two from the general membership. Elmer and Robin volunteered from the board. No volunteers from the general membership.

Sarah Norton: Expo at VA for handicap awareness day. She has flyers. Discussion about requirement for volunteers to receive training.


Good of the Legion

Charles Ostheimer: as President of PIER Center, BBQ next Thursday 23rd. Presentations to volunteers. We have invited Michael Fisher, direct of VA System. Dr. Albers, Dr. Richard Tingey. 11AM. please come if possible. We are undergoing a new renovation. Thanks to Adjutant and family and friends.

Charles Ostheimer: lunch slips are for Hometown Buffett on Chapman west of Brookhurst. 9635 Chapman Ave Garden Grove, address is. 7144-636-7550. Beach to Chapman. Right, cross Gilbert, look for BofA, turn Left.

C.P. Dou' Glass: Votes for Legionnaire of the Year from the post. Conducted vote based on description of each candidate. Plaque to be presented next meeting.

Meeting Ended at 11AM.