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American Legion Accepts Donations


Veterans Need Your Help
Please Donate! 

The American Legion Always Accepts Donations To Help Those Veterans in Need. 
Many Are Homeless and Need Our Help So Please Give So We May Help Them. 
No Donation is Too Small Please Give!

If you want to give please mail to: 

P.O. Box 1940 or 606 Westminster, CA 92684


Thank you


It has come to our attention that our donors have been receiving unauthorized solicitations under a similar sounding charitable organization.  The reported caller is holding him/herself out as an authorized fundraiser for the American Legion Mayhew-Vincent White Cane Post Number 266.  This caller states that the Post has changed its name to the “White Cane Post 0266 American Legion,” or something similar, and that we are now using a physical address in Westminster, California.  This entity and the persons soliciting donations are not affiliated with Post 266, and they are not authorized to solicit or accept donations on behalf of Post 266. 

If you are contacted by anyone asking for donations who requests that the funds be made out to a name other than “American Legion Mayhew-Vincent White Cane Post Number 266,” or if you are concerned that a solicitation may be fraudulent, please contact the Post at 562-346-4930 to report the suspicious activity and verify your generous donation will be received by the Post. 

All mailed donations should be sent to PO BOX 606 or 1940, Westminster, CA 92684.  If you have been contacted by these individuals and have given a donation, we sincerely apologize for this inconvience.